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Conference Agenda

Morning, Nov. 5

  • Variants solution introduction from registrars
    • Policy introduction of New gTLD IDN variants
    • TWNIC
    • CNNIC
  • Feasible alternatives discussion on technology and policy

Afternoon, Nov. 5

  • Free talk about technology and policy solutions
    • Consensus on technology solutions
    • Consensus on policy solutions
    • Writing the draft of discussion points and introduction document
    • Clear the points and direction of solution promotion

Morning, Nov. 6

  • Introduction of variants solutions from registrars(Open meeting)
    • Solution introduction by representative from CDNC
  • External discussion(Open meeting)
    • Discussion and communication with foreign experts
  • Internal discussion (Close meeting)
    • Discuss the feedback from experts, optimize the solution and draft announcement

Afternoon, Nov. 6

  • Meeting minutes (Close meeting)
    • Confirm the final version of announcement, make clear of the variants solution promotion schedule in IETF