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Conference Agenda

Morning, Oct. 11

  • NIC business development reports
    • Status reports for domain name registration, dispute policy and additional service
    • Promotion of domain names
    • Sharing the experiences of new business
    • Discussion
  • IDN TLD test simplified and traditional Chinese webpage equivalent
    • Previous discussion recalling
    • Discussion and next step

Afternoon, Oct. 11

  • Discussion about DNS software and DNSSEC research
    • new DNS software research and development
    • DNSSEC research and implementation
    • Discussion and next step
  • IPv6 and IPv6DNS development
    • IPv6 and IPv6DNS software research and development report
  • EAI work in IETF and discussion
    • Brief of current EAI WG RFC release
    • EAI RFC 5535 5536 introduction
    • EAI WG work next step
    • Discussion and next step

Morning, Oct. 12

  • IETF hot issues and cooperation discussion
    • Current IETF hot issues and business related issues
    • Next step cooperation discussion for CDNC and IETF
    • Discussion and next step
  • ENUM trial and development
    • Status for ENUM trial
    • Experience for ENUM trial
    • Current IETF ENUM Session introduction
    • Future cooperation model
    • Discussion and next step
  • RFID research
    • Brief of new RFID research
    • RFID application discussion

Afternoon, Oct. 12

  • Meeting summary
    • Meeting summary confirmed
    • Next meeting time and venue
    • Other affairs