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Conference Agenda

Morning, May. 12

  • Report about the promotion of DN Business
    • Analysis of the situation of DN registration
    • Plan for promotion of DN relative business
  • Report and discussion about Chinese Character Table
    • Registration of Chinese Character Table in IANA
    • Discussion of draft for Chinese Character Table or Chinese Domain Name in IETF

Afternoon, May. 12

  • Guideline and promotion of IMA solutions
    • Current Chinese Email Address solutions
    • IETF IMA report
    • Discussion of IMA solutions
    • Summary for IMA solutions
    • CDNC's actions in JET and IETF
  • Discussion of IDN ccTLD application to ICANN

Morning, May. 13

  • Discussion of testing, development and promotion of ENUM
    • Report of ENUM testing
    • Discussion and future plan
  • Report about RFID research

Afternoon, May. 13

  • Other un-decision matters
  • Summary