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Conference Introduction

CDNC (Chinese Domain Name Consortium) held the 12th conference in Taipei, from Aug.9 2004 to Aug. 11 2004. During the conference, we exchanged the progress of our research and operation of CDN system; We also talked about other new technologies such as ENUM and IPv6. On the conclusion, we share the same understandings of The Chinese Language Variant Table of CDNC, ENUM ,IPv6, Chinese email address and Chinese TLD.

Professor Qian Huanlin and board chairman Mr. Shian-Shyong Tseng are co-chairmen for this conference. About 40 people including researchers and experts from CNNIC、TWNIC、HKIRC、MONIC and SGNIC attended this conference.

Downloaded Appendix:

Overview & Guideline for Dispute Resolution Mechanism (TWNIC)
Chinese Domain Name Registration Policy(TWNIC)
Domain Name Registration Policy(TWNIC)
CNNIC Chinese Domain Name Registration Policy(CNNIC)
CNNIC Chinese Domain Name Registration System(CNNIC)
Technical Implementation for Chinese domain name(TWNIC)
Test Bed Status(CNNIC)
Chinese Email(socix)