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Chinese Domain Name
Consortium (CDNC) Final Comments

The following comments are made by CDNC:

  1. Currently, IETF IESG has begun Last Call on the set of core documents IDNA+NAMEPREP+PUNYCODE of IDN WG, but the architecture of IDN defined in the above three documents does not solve the traditional and simplified Chinese character variant problem: it’s a half-baked solution for Chinese users. That will cause serious delegation problem in the application of Chinese Domain Name.
  2. IETF IDN WG does not solve Chinese Domain Name technical problems. Under the current condition, if IETF approves these IDN drafts without publishing any complementary documents simultaneously, registrars will open Chinese Domain Name registration without considering the requirements of Chinese Domain Name and Chinese Domain Name will fall into confusion. This will damage Chinese Internet community seriously.
  3. What’s more, it stands a good chance that software vendors will not deploy or modify client software to support IDN too, because the current so-called IDN solution is a defective solution, which will be widely against end users, administrators and Chinese Internet communities, and bring them into much trouble.

Chinese Domain Name Consortium
Co-chair of CDNC: Qian Hualin, Professor
Co-chair of CDNC: Shian-Shyong Tseng, Professor
June 5, 2002